The MU Skulls are a group of like minded
people with a desire to run entertaining and
creative roleplaying games. We specialize in
horror roleplaying but very much enjoy a
wide variety of games.
GrandCon 2019              
The MU Skulls are a group of like minded
people with a desire to run entertaining and
creative roleplaying games. We specialize in
horror roleplaying but very much enjoy a
wide variety of games.
Once again Will Call was dead on a Saturday morning and the flop sweat broke
out all over my already damp forehead from the exercise sweat I had from the
ride up from the parking garage in the elevator. Was I going to have players? Last
year I had a wingperson but like a quitter she decided once was enough. I was
going to have to do this all on my own.
I was feeling pretty good when I saw all of the RPG tables filled. Just the fact
that the RPG room was on the first floor was a big boost.

Last year the RPG room was on the second floor which in this place feels really
far. Like you're not even part of the convention. But the new location was great.

The convention center is really nice and you can tell that it can support a ton
more people so this convention can grow a great deal more.
My worries were for naught as my table filled up! One player kept apologizing for being late but it
was like four minutes maybe(?) and he was an experienced players so I was just covering rules

This crew was on point and did an excellent job of finding the clues and solving the mystery.

I say that because while four of the six died and the other two went permanently INSANE it wasn't
really their fault.
With my game finished, I ran the five feet to a Star Wars game I was playing in.

Turns out you might recognize a Gary Con T-shirt there and these folks were at last
year's Gary Con and I thought I recognized them. It's nice to see such good support
from the RPG community!

I wasn't familiar with the concept so the GM explained that it was a community
supported living campaign. Jay was a great GM and runs a solid Star Wars game.

Check out
Legends of the Galaxy for more info!
Then before you know it, my slot is due and I'm playtesting my new Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire game:
Trandoshan's 11!

I try to at least run stuff online but the scheduling didn't work out and I premiered this one at GrandCon.

I felt like we all had a good time but wow this was the second time a Star Wars group had cold dice. Though they did
win the casino dice game pretty easily they really struggled with any skill based rolls.

Fortunately, they started with almost all white Destiny Points (as you can see in front of the screen) so they had a lot
to work with. Also, they were really good players so their ideas were good. The dice were just going to get in their
way as much as possible...

This is probably the first year that I felt like GrandCon was really a competitor for other conventions. All of my games
sold out by run time and all of the tables looked full. While pretty expensive for a local con the venue size is nice. My
big complaint would be if you don't want the convention food you're going to have to allow yourself extra time to go
to one of the many local restaurants. And no beer on premises? I'm just not used to that. I'll never be used to that.

The problem is that while the restaurants aren't too far, they are far enough that you'll have to leave more than an hour
between events and the events are slotted so now you're leaving four hours. That's just too much time with Michigan
craft beer in my opinion. Having more on site options would greatly increase my enjoyment of the convention.
This is the gaming hall with all of the board games and vendors. There may be fewer
vendors (I've seen some anecdotal reports) but to my recollection this place is much more
full of boardgamers.

I appreciated the GrandCon guy checking the door notice my Gary Con GM badge and
commenting that I was a GM. I was surprised that the boardgame guys would take the
effort to notice and I was pleased. In previous years it was never clear how interested they
were in the RPG community.