Online at Gamicon-Zinc Feb 27

Online at
Evercon 2021 Jan 8-9

Online at
The Upside Down! Dec 5

I was at
Autumn Revel 1 Oct 9-10

I'll be at virt
Gen Con 2020 July 30- Aug 2!

Origins Online and October 2020 Cancelled!

Virtual at
Con of Champions May 23-24

Marmalade Dog 2020 Killed by COVID-19!

COVID-19 kills
Gary Con 2020 we go VIRT!

I was at
U-Con 2019!

Frank was at GrandCon 2019!

We were at Gen Con 2019

We were at Gary Con 2019!

Mike and I were at Marmalade Dog 24!

Frank was at U-Con 2018!

We were at GrandCon 2018!

We were at Gen Con 2018!

We were at Adepticon 2018!

Southern Reach at Minicon 2017!

We were at Gen Con 50!

Frank and Mike were at Adepticon 2017

Frank was at Brewery Vivant January 2017

We were at Gen Con 2016!

Frank and Mike were at Adepticon 2016

We were at Marmalade Dog 2016

Frank was at Brewery Vivant January 2016

Frank and Mike were at GrandCon 2015!

We went to Gen Con 2015!

Frank and Mike were at Adepticon 2015  

We went to Marmalade Dog 19!

We went to
Grand Con 2014!

We were at Gen Con 2014!

We were at Marmalade Dog 19 2014!

We were at
Gen Con 2013!

We were at Marmalade Dog 18, 2013

We were at
Gen Con Indy in 2012!       

We were at
Marmalade Dog 17  2012!

We survived
Gen Con Indy in 2011!

We were at
Gen Con Indy in 2010!

We were at
Who's Yer Con in 2010!

New photos of
Gen Con 2009

We were at Who's Yer Con 2009

We were at
Gen Con 2008

We were sort of at Marmalade Dog 13

Last year's adventures at Gen Con 2007

We were at Gen Con 2006

Check out Gen Con 2005

Here we were at Gen Con 2004
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Memento Mori!
The MU Skulls are a group of like
minded people with a desire to run
entertaining and creative
roleplaying games. We specialize in
horror roleplaying but very much
enjoy a wide variety of games.
Contact us at:
John's Tribute Page
Here are a few games or game products we
really like!
Let’s be clear. The house seemed abandoned when you went in. The
white, worn wooden siding only supported that fact. No one would
have stopped you from opening the door. No one would have arrested
you for entering the structure. After all, you are almost sure, dead
sure, you heard the baby crying. One minute you were driving, the
next, standing in the old, broken down foyer. There, while in apparent
disarray, sits one piece of furniture. A table. The table. The Black
Table. As you approach, you see the object of your strange attraction,
the book. Bound in strange leather, it bares faded, black writing. MU
SKULLS. Your hand reaches out, only to be pulled back in terror,
fear, and horror. Without opening the cover, somehow you know
what’s inside. Within lies the tales of adventures, of investigators, or
those that have come before you. There are legends of Middle Earth,
of a bleak future lost in time and space, of the Roaring Twenties, and
of The Great War and other wars to come. Accounts of Insanity, of
the Macabre, of Horror, of Terror, and even Madness. Sagas that
take you from the deck of the Titanic, to the dance halls of the
Moulin Rouge. Welcome to the world of the MU Skulls.
Altered Carbon!
A play through of Altered Carbon using
the quick start rules!
Star Wars!
Great game! Worth a try if you've never
played it!
David Durden J.D.
Vice President of
Fight Club
Lady Bryanna
Scott Hightower
Sgt at Arms
Robert Iglesias J.D.
Presidential Consultant
Marc Hookman J.D.
Executive Staff Counsel
Mike Voormank
The Director
Frank Rusvik D. Arch.
The President
Staff Pages
MU Skulls Unboxing!
5 Minute Tabletop!
Wrath & Glory!
What if they were
to come? That
wretched cabal that
enigmatically named
themselves the MU
Skulls. What then?
What then indeed.
MU Skulls Frank Interview!
You were warned!
The One Ring!