Gen Con 2007 was a very interesting year for the MU Skulls. Things were a little hectic for us
this year. For those folks that played in our games you noticed just how TERRIBLY loud it
was in there. We all apologize for that, the convention and the MU Skulls, but we did the best
with what we had. It is still better than Milwaukee, when I had to move my game table
because a forklift needed to get to the storeroom behind me! That was loud...
Gen Con 2007: A President's Perspective
We can start our
Gen Con journey
with a picture of
Mike's bedtime
reading. Mike never
lets up. Even
during the Con he
is triple checking
that his information
is as accurate as he
can make it.
This is the photographic proof I
was meaning to show you, Mike.
Clearly, I was not the one that
short sheeted your bed.
Rob ran one of our first sessions.
He received credited by all of his
players for the excellent game he
ran. As you can tell from the Gen
Con staff shirt his players know a
good game!
Mike in action is a beautiful
thing. He is excellent at engaging
players into his game. Everyone
always has a great time!
Marc runs some excellent
non-player characters and I feel
in constant competition with him.
I intend to give
credit to Marc's
abilities right

Just in case you
think the guy
who wrote this
blog may not be
into Lovecraft,
check out his
back. This guy
knows a good
Cthulhu game
when he plays it.
Click below for more pictures and
stories! The best is yet to come!
Here is a typical sample of the
amount of game supplies and
props I have on the table for my
game. I"m striving to get every
aspect of gaming into a four hour
This is my favorite convention
picture. To this day I still have
no idea what was going on in
David's game but it must have
been one of the greatest games
at the convention...
Shortly after the head shaking incident,
we have this picture. This would
appear to be an expositive
conversation. Again I wish I knew
what the hell was going on...