The MU Skulls are a group of like minded
people with a desire to run entertaining and
creative roleplaying games. We specialize in
horror roleplaying but very much enjoy a
wide variety of games.
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Memento Mori!
Gen Con 2008 was a great year for the Skulls. We received great positive feedback on our games. The only negative
feedback we got was someone telling me I should learn how to read a clock. My Call of Cthulhu game got a bit
scrambled on Thursday as I hadn't yet adjusted to the time change. My apologies again for that. Of all of the snags you
can have in a game as a GM you don't expect something as simple as reading a clock to monkey wrench your game!
Rob kicked off the Convention for the
Skulls with a great Call of Cthulhu game
first thing Thursday morning.

Rob is an excellent GM and has a great
ability to keep his game building to a
spectacular climax no matter what happens
in the game. Whatever you do it's as
though that was part of the story from the

All MU Skulls games have the GM listed in
the convention game guide. If you haven't
had a chance to play with Rob make sure
you sign up for one of his games next year!
I was up with Call of Cthulhu in the
afternoon. This year was especially
dramatic in an Indiana Jones and the
Temple of Cthulhu Doom way. I hope
everyone had a good time because they did
an excellent job and I had a great time.

I had a few sets of deck plans, movie clips
from a 1970's disaster movie, and I got to
roll out the mondo game mat for the finale
involving my Soto Toys monster, I
couldn't ask for more!
Rob wasted no time in killing people
with an old friend on Friday morning.
Marc and David were also hard at
work on Thursday and Friday. By
now most of you know what a
great job they do. The energy and
creativity they bring to their games
really make them excellent GMs.

Here Marc smiles as the players
attempt to think of a way to avoid a
grisly death. He knows this is
David in action. David has kept the
details of his game secret but from
what I've discovered all of these people
had to be hospitalized for the remainder
of the Con.
Thursday and Friday I ran my Crusaders vs. An
Army of Darkness game. Inspired by a movie
starring Bruce Campbell I adapted the movie to fit
my Crusaders of the Holy Lands game. This picture
is from Act II of the game representing the big siege.

Saturday I played with the Kentucky Fried Gamers.
Not only are they great role-players but they also are
great tacticians and they had little trouble taking my
undead army apart. Even when I cheated a little bit.
The cheating was only for dramatic effect you have
to understand... It's always better to win at the last

There was some high drama in that game. I never
expected the Crusaders to summon a demon in the
game! I did hope it would happen but given the
horrible nature of all of the stuff going on I just
didn't think they would take the chance. Sure enough
they did. A battle of magic ensued and I gained
control of it giving me a huge advantage. Then just
at the last minute my practically victorious demonic
leader (just a few more inches and I'm off the board)
was crushed by a windmill of death attached to an
old Delta 88. We've all been there...
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