Trandoshan's 11 PCs!
Wrath & Glory PCs!
Call of Cthulhu PCs!
Click here for your game's ZOOM link!
Welcome folks!

Click on the orange link above for the
ZOOM link and I'll let you into the
game. If it doesn't seem like anything is
happening at game time I might not yet
have the meeting set up complete but it
should be just a minute or two. ZOOM
is an online communication program and
all you have to do is click the link and
there's nominal setup.

Scan the PCs for the game you're signed
up for and if there's any PC
requirements we can cover that on the

If you've played online before great, I
think you'll enjoy this experience. If you
haven't I'll give you my opinion. It's
easier and cheaper for sure but I prefer
face to face. To that end I'll do the best
I can in providing a similar experience to
a traditional tabletop RPG. with any questions!
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